Recent data suggests that, on average, callers to small and medium businesses spend approximately 20% of their call time on hold. This means there’s a valuable opportunity for businesses to engage their callers effectively, providing information about products and services and ensuring a seamless experience during every call. In light of this, leveraging your phone system can play an important role in advancing your customer experience objectives. Here’s how:

Streamlining caller queries:

Professionally recorded welcome and closed messages, as well as menu prompts, guide callers efficiently, connecting them with the right person to address their inquiries promptly. Additionally, it’s worthwhile to consider scripting informative and empathetic in-queue messages that play later in your recordings when callers have been waiting longer. These types of messages can offer callers alternative contact methods, and keep them calm and engaged.

For instance, in the case of planned service disruptions, such as a staff training day. You can incorporate a relevant recorded message to inform callers before and during your closure, minimising frustration, and reducing queue lengths.

Informative marketing:

Implement marketing messages that keep callers informed about your latest promotions, products, and services. This approach not only keeps customers engaged but has also been shown to contribute to increased sales. According to surveys, 93% of customers are likely to make additional purchases from companies that provide exceptional experiences!

Regularly promote your seasonal offers and services:

A great way to upsell your seasonal offers and services is to advertise them through your phone system. Updating the audio your customers hear is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way of promoting your business.

Brand consistency:

Enhance your brand presence by extending it across your phone system with custom recordings. Consistent brand presentation has been linked to an average revenue increase of 23%. Our extensive selection of more than 300 professional voice artists includes over 50 languages and dialects, allowing you to maintain a local touch wherever your business operates.

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