So how do you use on-hold time more effectively? What’s going to add the greatest benefit to your business, and your customers?

First of all, review what you’ve currently got in place. Does your voice artist accurately represent your brand? Does the tone and language match other customer contact points? If your website uses a lot of modern terminology and conversational language, does your on-hold audio match? All these things should be consistent, so when a customer decides to pick up the phone, they immediately recognise who you are as a business.

Next you need to decide what you want to achieve. In-queue and on-hold audio provides the perfect opportunity to boost sales, provide additional info, and build your brand! You have a captive audience, and while they might switch off, or do something else while they’re waiting, they’ll certainly be listening for their call to be picked up. And if you create an engaging experience they’ll be sure to listen more closely.

So put your biggest offers at the start, when your callers are most keen. But be careful; the way you word your messages plays a huge part in their success. Too pushy and you’ll lose your caller – not enough benefit, and their interest is lost.

Next you’ll need to think about how your callers will hear your messages. Some phone systems start your caller at the beginning of your audio compilation, which allows you to guide them through each step of the journey you want them to take. Each message can act as a steppingstone to build on the previous one and slowly build your caller’s awareness of your products, services or whatever you choose to focus your messages around.

And, lastly put yourself in your callers’ shoes – listen to your on-hold experience and make sure it’s relevant, and helps improve a caller’s experience.

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