You know what your organisation looks like – your logo, your font, your image.  But what does it sound like?

When clients and potential customers contact you, is the audio experience all it should be?  Or are they likely to hear Kirsty from accounts reading a standard telephony menu that uses tired, repetitive language such as “Please listen carefully, press 1 for Customer Services, press 2 for Finance…” and so on.  Even worse are they still listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on loop?

As customer experience goes, this is less than optimal.  But audio branding isn’t as daunting as it sounds – no pun intended! And the results will help you to attract ‘new clientele and give your current customers a reason to stick around.’  Here are three handy tips for creating your audio brand: –

  1. Use a professional voice over – whether you want to sound polished and high end or every man, there’s a voice over actor who can achieve this for you.  From a silky, M&S style voice over to the bass notes of the X-Factor announcer and everything in between.  Using a professional voice artist means that not only can you define your brand audio, you will instantly improve the sound quality of your IVR.


  1. Abandon traditional business language – no one would say that they’re doing something for ‘training and monitoring purposes’ in real life conversations so why would you want to hear it when you’re calling a company? Yes, there is a necessity to let your callers know certain information, especially when it comes to compliance but why would you want to say it in an archaic and unfriendly way?  Your organisation is mostly like trying to strike a tone of voice that is friendly and welcoming as you want to attract custom but that’s not the effect of such uninviting messages.


  1. Utilise your telephony system to its optimum to enhance your customer experience. Modern telephony systems are able to recognise your repeat callers so why not tap into this often-underused resource?  Dynamic IVR messaging means that your valued clientele can skip the numbered options that they possibly already know off by heart and be put in the queue for the relevant team member.  Some organisations do this by name checking their customer “good afternoon Mrs Smith, just putting you through now”.  This may not be your style but you can still create a professional message that lets your customers know they are being prioritised.  What customer in the world wouldn’t appreciate that?


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself though… we have experts ready and willing to help you make the changes that will take your audio brand to the next level.