Be Prepared.  Such a simple yet powerful message. One that we often avoid or push under the table.  After all, when the days are running smoothly the last thing on our mind is a sudden snowstorm or technical failure.  Here’s the thing, we can’t predict the unpredictable, but… we can be prepared for it.

How many of us can say we’ve got an ice scraper for the car?  Perhaps you’ve opted for a de-icer spray so you can simply spray and go when the weather gets rough?  What about keeping rock salt at hand – or bags of sand to prevent flooding in your office? Anyone remember the great flood of 2015? At times like these, keeping clients and customers informed can help manage expectations, win some goodwill and pay off big in the long term.

Using your telephony system can give you a huge advantage when it comes to an unexpected closure.  A simple message can alert your clients to bad weather conditions, staff training days, national holidays and more.  It’s not only good practice to keep your clients up to date, it also saves everyone time and money.

Picture this… Waking up to find inches of snow on the ground.  You may have that handy ice scraper, but it’s not going to get you or your staff to the office in those conditions.  The office will be closed.  You realise you aren’t prepared.  You have no way to communicate or re-direct your clients.

Now what if you already had telephony messages that you could upload to your system?  A bank of pre-prepared audio files that could cover a wealth of scenarios, from adverse weather, I.T. failures, or short staffing, to scheduled closures for upgrades or holidays. Keep it positive by re-directing customers to other channels like your website or maybe there’s an app they can use while you’re closed.  Have a training day for your staff?  Let your callers know that although you’re away today, you’re sprucing up your knowledge so you can better serve them tomorrow.

We don’t know what’s around every corner but being prepared means your clients aren’t left in the dark.  So where do you start?  Premier Business Audio has a team of creative experts that can help you build an on-brand emergency messaging kit.  We’ll work with you to discuss the tone of voice you’re looking for, ensuring the script is fresh and relevant.

So… even if circumstances mean you’re closed, you can always be ‘open’ with your clients by preparing the right telephony messages.