Most companies big or small have some form of telephony system running in the background. However, is your system actually working for you, or just sitting in the background ticking over?

If you could have a system that could target your clients with personalised messages, you would, wouldn’t you?  What if there was a tool you could use in conjunction with your telephony system that was flexible, able to drive promotions and monitor how many calls your business receives and loses?

Working at the forefront of technology Premier Business Audio has created an all in one solution ‘Advitel’ that has already supported over 6,000 customer sites.  This amazing technology offers any business, big or small, the opportunity to be ‘smart’ with their telephony systems.  With expert support from Premier’s team, companies are experiencing more flexibility to make and answer calls anywhere in the world using their smart devices as office extensions.

Targeted Marketing and Dynamic IVR

This powerful platform enhances the caller experience by recognising who they are and rerouting their calls directly to the relevant account manager or department. The caller’s wait time shortens significantly by skipping menus allowing any incoming calls to be managed more efficiently.  The system also offers the ability to utilise targeting messaging which can be extremely beneficial for both caller and company. The messages help maximise resources by tailoring what’s played.  This means two callers calling the same number might hear different messages that will be more relevant to their needs… and that can increase profitability, consumer interest and sales.

So simply plug in and play to enjoy the experience thousands of companies are utilising and be ‘smart’ with your telephony system. See how the Advitel audio marketing solution can make a business of any size sound totally professional.