Capstick Dale and Partners came to us in hope that they could find a way of increasing their client spend, without pressuring their clients through a “hard sell” approach.

After speaking with Capstick Dale & Partners, Premier identified where possible growth could be achieved. One key opportunity that was often overlooked, was income through providing probate services to executors of wills. Surprisingly, research also revealed that many clients had not updated their will since first creating it, and some had not made a will at all.

This understanding gave Premier the fuel they needed to provide Capstick Dale & Partners with a carefully designed on hold messaging service that would gently encourage clients to enquire about the will and probate services that are available. It did not take long for Capstick Dale & Partners to see a return on investment, as within the first week of the messages going live, one existing client instructed them to write a will and another made an enquiry. With the average probate fees valued at £3,000 per client, the cost of their new and improved on hold messaging service was more than covered.