Since 2011, Premier Business Audio has been working closely with Barclays Cycle Hire to enhance their customers’ call experience. Naturally there was great excitement when the Premier creative team learned of the imminent rebranding of the TfL-run scheme to Santander Cycles. Upon receipt of this news, the scripting and studio teams went to work, temporarily revising the entire IVR tree with specific alterations to the Barclays Cycle Hire brand name. With less than a week to complete the recording turn-around, Premier was able to deliver their usual professional audio service in good time to the newly branded Santander Cycles.

Premier is keen to continue working with Santander Cycles, providing creative and unique productions that this hugely successful scheme has come to expect. Speaking in 2013, Chris De Souza, Contact Centre Manager commented, “Rather than having the traditional IVR messaging, Premier understood that something a little bit different was needed here… They sat down with us, they listened and they really got what we wanted”.

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