Last night’s BBC show, The Apprentice, saw a ‘shock’ double elimination for Alan Sugar’s would be business partners, where Scott McCulloch and Robert Goodwin both waved goodbye to the boardroom for the last time. At the end of the show viewers were teased with a trailer for next week’s episode that features scent and fragrance marketing development. This has recently been a really hot topic with Ladbrokes betting shops set to initiate ubiquitous shop refits featuring ‘turf’ and ‘football pitch’ scents. This unique move is an attempt to set them apart from their other high-street competitors in such a fierce and aggressive market.

Fragrance marketing is a very powerful tool that is used by many high street brands and retailers including coffee stores, chocolate vendors, fast-food outlets, and clothes shops. Customers expect to smell something pleasant when they enter a premises, so it’s only natural that the product or service should relate to the scent.

Studies have shown that fragrance and scent marketing can improve dwell times, increase sales and heighten awareness of products or services. There are also some interesting discussions around brand identity for companies such as Hollister that utilise fragrance to great effect.

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