It seems that over the past few weeks the UK weather has severely affected everyone’s lives. Travel, work and leisure activities have all suffered at the hands of what has seemingly been the UK’s worst climate since the 1980’s. Where there is a very real threat of disaster, it is important to ensure that you have telephone contingency plans in place if people rely on your support for their product or service. With the growing immediate concerns of safety, property or insurance, contact centre telephone lines have become flooded with callers.

Impromptu contact centre closures or drastically increased call volumes can lead to a real lack of support for the callers. In the case of telephone support centres, it can be an even bigger risk where time is a crucial element. Premier Business Audio supply vital contingency messaging for IVR and on-hold telephone solutions. This messaging can be instantly deployed, saving people time and giving them peace of mind. All of Premier Business Audio’s messaging services are fully bespoke and tailored to your brand or service requirements. If you would like to discuss bespoke messaging or IVR messaging, please feel free to call 0345 071 1359 or email