Premier Business Audio has been one of the UK’s leading providers of on-hold music and messaging since 1996. Always striving to provide businesses with full service point of contact solutions between them and their customers, Premier has now released FreedomMusic. This fully bespoke and customisable licence-free solution gives users thousands of tracks to choose from in a huge variety of genres. All tracks are free from PRS and PPL, meaning the user can play in-store music without any risk of incurring hefty licensing fines or fees.

FreedomMusic also has scheduling capabilities which can allow businesses to play certain messages at allocated times and dates. Fully customisable playlists give flexibility and versatility, whilst locking playlists can maintain a level of control over the business at a senior level. This can be applied at multiple locations within a single building, giving full control over the customer experience for example. All these functions maintain a great service which is both practical and licence free.

To learn more about this great licence-free solution and to trial some of the great music from the constantly expanding library, please go to to watch the video or download the free 14-day trial now.