Premier Business Audio and national UK law firm Shoosmiths have joined up to condense call centre legal disclaimers. Stephen Dawson, Partner at Shoosmiths, and recognised UK expert in financial services and regulatory compliance, was astounded by the length of some call centre disclaimers that Premier played him. “In many cases the disclaimers were not only long and boring, but often their very length and the technical legal language used makes them worthless to customers”, he says. “We are looking forward to working alongside Premier to help reduce the length of legal disclaimers, and improve caller experience”.

Call centre menus drive users mad, especially if the caller is forced to listen to something they do not understand, nor see any benefit in listing to. Reports of callers hanging up or becoming increasingly frustrated have become widespread. All too often call centre managers ask in-house legal teams for wording, and don’t have the legal knowledge to evaluate whether the legalese they receive back is overly wordy. Similarly, many legal departments don’t have the up-to-date expertise to ensure what they write complies with the latest regulations.

In a recent example for a major insurance firm, Premier worked with Shoosmiths to reduce the amount of time it took to say the legal disclaimers from 135 seconds to 75 seconds. The reduction in call duration created a cost saving on 0800 numbers of c.£25,000/ year – not to mention an improved caller experience, and the fact that the disclaimer is now both compliant and more appealing to customers!
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