When one thinks of Glastonbury Festival, it often conjures up clichéd images of mud, wellies or ponchos. This year was slightly different, and although it rained in the days leading up to the event, much of the weekend was sunny and warm!

What many of the 150,000 individuals did have to endure prior to the Worthy Farm event was the ticket purchasing process. This experience would have varied due to online sales and the ability to purchase up to 4 tickets each. However, the Glastonbury Festival ticket office still operates a telephone purchasing system. This system has to accommodate extremely high volumes of traffic, as an increasing number of people attempt both online and over-the-phone transactions.

Emily Eavis, Glastonbury Festival organiser, was keen to alleviate fans fears over ticket sales for the 2013 festival. Speaking to NME, Eavis stated, “…we’ve done all that we can to try and make it as quick as possible and not have people hanging on phone lines for hours.”

Unfortunately the 2012 October sale for this year’s festival caused alarm among many prospective festival attendees. This was due to the failure of online operations and telephone systems bordering on capacity. The dedicated website was unavailable to fans for up to 10 minutes before the 9am ‘on-sale’ time. This led to frustration, with many individuals lashing out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Premier Business Audio offer informative in-queue messaging as an interesting and effective solution to improve call centre queuing. In the case of Glastonbury, helpful in-queue FAQ’s and order information can enhance callers’ experiences. This can reduce overall call times and ease some stress and caller frustration.

Irrespective of the many issues that impeded some people from purchasing tickets, plenty of fans succeeded in their efforts; with the average waiting time reported to be around the 75 minute mark. To many this was a small price to pay for a weekend of fantastic live music, and a Glastonbury debut from The Rolling Stones.

With tickets going on sale in October this year for 2014’s Glastonbury Festival, it will be interesting to follow the changes that take place in the ticket purchasing system.