The hotly anticipated BBC Three documentary – ‘The Call Centre’ debuted last week. Surrounding the third largest call centre in Swansea, the programme focuses on Nev Wilshire and his team of around 1000 individuals.

As the programme correctly points out, call centres are quickly becoming the “factories of our time”. Enormous staff turnover and basic wages are prominent features of these modern day cold calling work places. In his weird and wacky world, Nev attempts to motivate his staff through a variety of methods; all with a view to helping them sell more.

Providing audio solutions for over 17 years, Premier Business Audio specialise in enhancing the callers experience through a range of cutting edge technologies and creative solutions. Routing and diverting calls through to the right location, is just one of the many solutions that save Premier’s customers time and money. Justifiably these same features exist as much in call centres, as they do in many local pizza stores.

Although the primary purpose of the show is to entertain, ‘The Call Centre’ actually gives a detailed and accurate account of a modern working call centre. From this unique insight, we can all learn more about people’s motivations and personalities.