Telephone messaging professionals, Premier Business Audio specialise in improving the experience for all of those who call contact centres. Kevin O’Connor, Premier’s Director of Sales says, “Nigel Clarke is right to a point, but a few options are necessary to save the caller time and frustration in getting through to the team with the right skills to help”. Kevin added, “Skills – Based Routing of calls is a long established principle. The trouble is, not all of the large contact centres that we call on a daily basis actually apply the principle!”

Getting through the menu options can be bad enough, but the call experience is often worse whilst in queue or on-hold. Phrases such as, “Your call is important to us” can be particularly infuriating. Close behind comes having to listen to the same old music no matter who you call, or hearing a member of staff reading a badly written script in a hard to decipher accent.

Research done for BT and Avaya in March 2012 entitled ‘The Autonomous Customer’, shows that 54% of people surveyed say that often the on-hold music and messages don’t give a good impression of the organisation (up from 42% in 2010). This suggests that the contact centre industry as a whole is doing a worse job now than 3 years ago.

“It doesn’t have to be like this” says Kevin O’Connor. “With a well designed IVR menu, professional voicing, interesting, and useful information and entertaining music whilst in the queue, callers stay on the line and are still polite and respectful when they speak to the agent”.

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