Two of the key measurements for analysing the effectiveness of your website are the Bounce Rate (the percentage of visits in which the visitor just saw a single page and left your site) and the Visit Duration (the amount of time the visitor spent on your site). Bounce Rates need to drop, Visit Duration needs to increase and this is exactly what happened during a trial using Premier’s WebPresenter.

WebPresenter is a type of video where the presenter ‘walks’ on to your web page whenever a visitor opens it. The presenter appears in front of the page and can highlight key points, or explain a particular process in more detail.

Masterquote, the insurance comparison website, used a WebPresenter to test a couple of theories: that a WebPresenter would reduce bounce rates and increase time spent on site. That is, more pages would be viewed and longer spent looking at them at the prompt of a WebPresenter. They found that in fact bounce rates reduced by a significant 46 per cent, while time spent on site rose by 76 per cent.

The results of the trial show that the use of video on a website can seriously influence visitors’ behaviour. WebPresenter is just one of the styles of video available from Premier and early trials suggest it’s not the only video format to make visitors stop and think.