In today’s market place new business is becoming more and more difficult to find. On-hold marketing helps businesses to cross sell products and services as well as improving brand and product awareness.

We work in association with telecoms dealers nationwide to provide their clients with excellent on-hold marketing solutions. We know from experience, this can add value to your customers and happy customers buy more from you.

Businesses large and small are adding a new dimension to their marketing efforts and improving customer communication by using on hold and transfer time as marketing time; they are really getting their phone systems to work for them!

Audio Marketing

Did you know that less than 10% of UK businesses are using Audio Marketing? So many of your prospects could reap the benefits of this service and happy customers will buy more from you!

If every one of your customers had a professional audio message, the telephone system supplied by you would be in the ears of every single caller.

On Hold Marketing can help your client’s sound professional to their callers whilst strengthening their brand and customer perfection.

If your clients don’t already have on-hold messaging, have you thought about what opportunities you could be missing out on? How do they currently handle a surge in calls following recent marketing campaigns, or seasonal changes?

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